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What Producers Should Do to Catch the Genius in Town: The Case of Hiroyuki Ohashi

from now 13 Years ago, I discovered a prodigious cartoonist in Kichijoji.

Zokki, a film later directed by Naoto Takenaka, Takayuki Yamada, and Takumi Saito (2021 Year Apr. Mon. 2 Published on ) Original author of Hiroyuki Ohashi.

I still remember it clearly. (The 2008 Year August. March 30 The blog of the day is still here! (see below)

On the way back from dinner with Kazuo Umezu Sensei, I went to a select bookstore in Kichijoji called BASARA BOOKS ( Not anymore. ) So excited to find and read Mr. Ohashi’s Weekly Toucan!

It was self-published. 4 The book had been printed many times. He had submitted his work to various comic magazines for awards, but was unsuccessful at every one, so he started printing it himself.


Excited, I called him the next day to meet with him. The following year 2009 Year. January. In June, “No Story of a Female Protagonist,” “Clogs,” and “That Room” were 3 I produced and distributed these works as e-books.

Since then, I have received carefully written New Year’s cards, each one unique to Mr. Ohashi. (Aren’t these postcards the best?)

The exchange continued, with occasional We had dinner and chatted in Kichijoji, but no matter how much time passed, Ohashi-san remained shy.

One day, I received an exhibition notice that he had painted a picture, and I was allowed to purchase it. He said he had painted over a picture he had found at a prop shop selling junk. (Isn’t this painting precious?).


2009 In the fall of 2012, the “Special Ability Office worker I asked him to draw a medium-length story titled “Tachi-tachi. I think this has not been included in the book yet.


2010 year 1 Nirande!” which began distribution in March. Hirata-san” is a new book, “Zokki C The book is included in the


For a change, the 2010 Year July For six months starting in April, Sanrio launched the “ Peek The a The boo (I was asked to write a picture book about a cute character called “Peek-a-Boo.

After that, “Hiroyuki Ohashi Masterpiece” (2013year (e.g. AD)8month – 11(Mon.) “Winter LOVEThe “®” (2013year (e.g. AD)11(Mon.) “GOLD RUSHThe “®” (2013year (e.g. AD)11(June) and continued to work with us for an extended period of time.

What I tried to do and the story Mr. Ohashi tried to tell may have been too early for the times. But that’s okay.

Masashi Asada of “The Asada Family,” Hiroki Aoyama of “Solarman,” and contemporary artist Ly I believe that the only way to produce contents is to walk around the city, talk with creators, and work together with them.

The city is full of talented people. However, those who produce content are just businessmen, so they have little time to walk the streets and cannot be found.

So, I hope that those who aspire to enter the entertainment industry will just walk around the city and find great talent.

You can’t discover new talent by looking at people who get caught up in searches or who are on TV.

I urge you to read some of Hiroyuki Ohashi’s work!