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NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.9 / NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE Missed tickets available until midnight tonight!

You can purchase your missed streaming tickets until midnight tonight!


NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.9 ( Live performance at #NON OUCHI de MIRU )

-John A full band again! &. Delivery that strengthens the bond between members

Artist Non, Kei Higuchi, Shoko Nakamura (bass), Takato Nagashima (drums)

Date & Time: Already live!

Ticket sales are June May 24 Thursday, May 23 Time 59 Until

Missed viewing period:. 6 Month 29 Tuesday, June 23 Time 59 Until

Tickets: General 2,200 Yen (incl. tax)