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Japan Dynamics = Possibilities for Custom EV Vehicles with Hong Kong-listed China Dynamics

We chatted with Mr. Wang Huai Dong, president of Japan Dynamics, which is developing the Japan operations of China Dynamics, a publicly traded company in Hong Kong.

China Dynamics has a high market share in EV buses and EV trucks in China. The company is involved in everything from EV buses in Hong Kong and the Philippines to a supercar JV in Dubai (a strategic partnership with W Motors), and is expanding horizontally with its EV platform at its core.

Dr. Wang is a medical doctor and once served as the head of the delegation of the “China Regional Government Visit to Japan.

The chats were wide-ranging, but just bringing their EV campers and supercars to Japan is not interesting enough.

In the EV era, we don’t need the massive factories of the 20th century. You can design and build any car you want, just like assembling Lego.

In other words, if they wanted to, they could even make Speedy Car as a car manufacturer. How fun!

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China Dynamics Forms JV in Dubai to Develop EV Business