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Food Loss Reduction Project : Substandard vegetables are fascinating!

In August, I was asked to give a lecture on “Business in the Future” for companies in Okinawa Prefecture. Lunch meeting with Ms. Ka (EB Ma TV channel) at “Vegeta Rica”.
The conversation turned to agriculture.
The two of you are not only involved in social networking and public relations work in Okinawa, but also in various blog projects related to “food.
I was interested in the broject to eliminate food loss, because I thought I could do something about it.
Large quantities of substandard vegetables are being discarded. This is the age of diversity in vegetables.
Substandard tastes good too! No, because it is out of standard, we can pursue new tastes.
Look at these pictures! It’s fun to see vegetables of various shapes and sizes, all with their own unique personalities.
It’s amazing because it’s not normal. I guess this is the same for vegetables and humans.
… So I took a picture of the field in front of the restaurant, where sheep were freely grazing!
Okinawa, the best.
◆ Reference
Development of jam using “off-spec vegetables,” which are considered a hidden food loss. 100 free tasting monitors are being recruited for the commercialization of the jam.
Eradicate hidden food loss with Shinoan Jam! Local Production for Local Consumption and the SDGs”.
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