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Tsuyoshi Ihara is currently starring in the stage play “Fauxpia” written by Hideki Noda!

Tsuyoshi Ihara is currently starring in the stage play “Fauxpia” by Hideki Noda!
Lies call for the true, the dead, or ……!
Hideki Noda’s latest work, his first in a year and a half, is called “Fauxpia.
“Fake”, “bullshit”, “deception”. Fake. Noda, who has been involved in playwriting for nearly 50 years and has made “words” his profession In an age when the world is dominated by “fakes,” I decided to face “words” head on. He is taking on the challenge of creating a new work.
The lead role will be played by Issei Takahashi, who is participating in NODA-MAP for the first time. The chemistry between Takahashi and the other actors, all of whom are equally talented and full of rare individuality, will bring the veiled story of “Faux Pas” to life in a richly detailed production!
In this still chaotic era, how will Noda once again depict the joys of live theater, and moreover, the modern age in which we live? Please look forward to Hideki Noda’s latest work.
Dates: Monday, May 24 – Sunday, July 11, 2021
Venue :Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space “Playhouse
Written and directed by Hideki Noda
Takahashi, Issei
Jihide Kabira, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Atsuko Maeda, Nozomi Muraoka
Kayoko Shiraishi, Hideki Noda, Isao Hashizume
Osaka show
Thursday, July 15 – Sunday, July 25, 2021 at the New Kabuki-za Theater
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