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A movement created by one idiot: The right relationship between leaders and followers

Every morning at the construction site, the chieftain and his young apprentice sit in a circle for the morning instruction.
Chieftain: “Did you know that virtual currency is all the rage these days? You think it’s strange that people can make money without doing anything. That’s the normal feeling. Work is something that you do hard, hard, hard.”
… I really think so. The part that I think so is the “steady, steady, steady” part. I think it’s the same whether it’s physical labor or brain work.
Incidentally, this video shows the “Sasquatch Music Festival,” an annual music festival held in George, Washington, USA. As the man dances merrily by himself, everyone else starts dancing with him.
This video represents the future of virtual currency! says Michael Novogratz (CEO of Galaxy Digital, a virtual currency commercial bank).
At first the man who dances looks like a fool, but eventually the man who doesn’t dance looks more like a fool.” (Bitcoin is more than a currency, it is a social movement, and it has already gained enough supporters to change society.
Now, what do you all think?
Sasquatch music festival 2009 – Guy starts dance party
TED Talk, “How do you start a social movement?” Derek Shivers
With the help of some amazing footage, it explains how social movements actually happen (hint: 2 people needed).