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Hints for longevity: The healthy world created by “Sashigusa” (Sendangusa), the king of weeds in Okinawa [ joy studio & teahouse].

Kimie Yogi was in the depths of misery when her husband passed away about 10 years ago.
At that time, he said, he saw a weed growing on the side of the road called “sashi-kusa” (black seeds that sting your pants and socks when you walk).
Sashigusa, or sendangusa, is the king of weeds that grow all over Okinawa. It is said, “Even such an unpopular weed can be useful in some way.” He opened “joy studio & teahouse” in 2012, using Sashi grass as a raw material. Amazing power!
A wide variety of products are available, including sashi grass tea, buckwheat noodles, honey, and jelly. The store was filled with simple designs and kind words.
And Sashigusa has awesome benefits! Not only for fever reduction, detoxification, diuresis, swelling reduction, and pain relief, but also for cancer prevention effects, etc., as natural drug research at Meiji Pharmaceutical University and the University of the Ryukyus. ゙. The Musashino Institute of Immunology in Tokyo has confirmed the effectiveness of the ingredients flyvone and tannin in treating atopic dermatitis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and improving blood flow, and is working to commercialize this excellent product.
The tea is also easy to drink. Might try it with baobab leaves.
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