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Nippon’s future is WowWoWowWow

Today, “mambo” (priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease) begins in Tokyo, Osaka, and other cities. Vaccination of the elderly will finally begin.

The US says it will return to normal around June.
Vaccination rates %、アメリカで3割超えてる。でも日本1% 46 in the UK %、アメリカで3割超えてる。でも日本1%.
Ranks last in the developed world. They cannot even produce their own vaccines, and their imports and logistics are the worst.

Looking back, Japan Inc. has really become a completely unworkable organization.
Japan also has twice the GDP of the United Kingdom, for what it’s worth. Household savings per household, excluding real estate, are also second only to the U.S. among large economies.

But when Corona came along and responded to the crisis, it was as if they couldn’t do their job and it was not good enough.

First, the former prime minister is a poor mask when it comes to Corona. He was accused of spending 46.6 billion yen to make the Aveeno masks, and they ended up costing 26.9 billion yen 48 million pieces, or 560 yen a piece.

Then, after that, coronas increased and hospital beds became tight, but medical care collapsed in many areas due to reliance on the private sector and lack of leadership.
It continues to this day, and Osaka is in a bad situation.

In China, a hospital was built in just six days, and 100 hospital rooms were built in one day using 3D printers.

It is no longer possible for Japan, which lacks any semblance of leadership, to manage an international event like the Olympics.

The refraining from re-admission today would not have happened if the vaccine had been as widely available as in the U.S. and the U.K. The people are in danger of death because of the government’s lack of foresight and inability to do its job.

I would like to see a change of government in the autumn presidential election, a cabinet as strong in IT as Taiwan’s, and a rebirth as an advanced DX country like Sweden or Estonia, even if the spread of vaccines is already half a year behind schedule.

As Japan as a whole is heading for the marginalized, we need more immigrants, not just tourists, and we need to invest aggressively in AI and robotics to ensure the future.

But if we can get it right, Japan may have a chance to make a leap forward into the future. Let’s all go out and vote this year!

…and I’m talking about something like that.
Voicy Radio “Nippon’s Future is WowWoWowWow”.

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