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People in the 21st century who must also live virtually

When I go to the sim, I get all kinds of ideas.
Maybe it’s the mindless training that empties your head so that ideas can pour into that emptiness. The
Recently, I have been asked about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens: digital data items issued and circulated on the blockchain). ゙ Many.
All I can say about NFT art is that it does not exist as a real entity.
However, it does exist virtually in terms of, for example, the existence of a market for item charges in online games. People die due to slander on the Internet because words on the Internet, which do not exist in reality, exist in the brains of real people. It is not possible.
A long time ago, Mr. Antonio Inoki gave advice to a celebrity who was suffering I saw a program in which he was giving advice. Don’t let it get to you,” he said. Nobody is looking at the Internet! And.
I laughed at the time, but if you think about it, if you don’t know about the Internet world, you can certainly stay in the same mindset as you were until the 20th century.
But I think that for most people, the 21st century will not be lived solely in the presence of real things.
*Only my face and arms are black from agricultural burn…