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What is Circular Economy made from banana peels?

I’ve been hearing the term “circular economy” a lot lately.
Translated into Japanese as “recycling-oriented society
In short, it’s about taking care of things and eliminating waste.
Turning seawater into fresh water or, in the old days, spreading livestock dung on farmland for fertilizer is also a “circular economy.”
But in the 21st century, the following concepts are needed.
Renewable Materials x Technology feat. Idea]
For example, more than 60% of apparel (clothing) is discarded.
But if you made your own clothes, you wouldn’t throw them away so easily and they would fit perfectly. Therefore, there are startups that use AI to make clothes that fit your size using CAD (used in architectural design) without the need for specialized knowledge in making clothes. It is being made in many parts of the world.
As these things evolve, apparel makers will now only create designs and sell the data. Consumers will be able to reproduce the purchased data with their own 3D printers in any material (cotton, silk, etc.) they like. The society will be able to make a lot of clothes.
… And that’s what I’m explaining on Voicy radio this morning! I hope you’ll follow along!
What is the Circular Economy Made of Banana Peels? Jun Fukuda
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