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We’ve started Voicy radio! Let me read that stuff in depth!” Jun Fukuda

Voicy Radio “Let me read that stuff in depth! Jun Fukuda
I deliver every morning around 8:00 am on weekdays. Please follow us.
… “The Limits of Olympic Sensibility” (04:11) April 1.
. “As EVs become more popular, global warming will increase!” (03:50) March 24
・・・”Oripara about the contemptuous staging of the appearance” (03:42) March 23
… “Behind the Selling of an Unknown Artist’s Beeple Work for 7.5 Billion Yen” (03:59) March 22
… “Tohoku Shinsha, What I Think About Foreign Investment Regulations.” (03:58) March 20
… “AI suggests bizarre contents!” (02:11) March 19
“Taking oxygen can prevent coronas!” (03:21) March 18
… “The Earth is the Garden Where Minimalism Goes!” (03:15) March 17
On the Issue of the Raw Materials of Design Being Art” (03:22) March 16
… “Cleanup of Former Chairman Yoshiro Mori’s Problematic Remarks” (04:12) March 6
1人、、「そのネタ、 深読みさせて! 福田淳 アーティストから経営者、 芸能人までブラ ンドコンサルタントとして、 イメージアッ プから炎上対策まで幅広く手がける福田淳 が、 世界で起きるネタを深読み解説する Voicyラジオ! ラジオ!」というテキストの画像のようです
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