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A museum where you can walk around with your phone? Enjoy Los Angeles art galleries anywhere in the world-Speedy Gallery VR

Three months ago, on March 19, 2020, I was in Los Angeles preparing for the opening of Speedy Gallery, which had moved to Santa Monica. And that was the day the town was locked down.

In no time to grieve, we discussed the possibility of reopening the exhibition in VR, and today we are pleased to announce the official opening of the online viewing site. In the meantime, thanks to the continuous efforts of Speedy staff members Umi Morikawa and Bri Marie, we were able to recreate the Santa Monica gallery completely in CG through correspondence with many partner companies in London and New York. This virtual gallery will bring Japanese contemporary art not only to the people of Los Angeles, but also to people all over the world.

E-commerce capabilities will be added by the end of this month.
Give it a try!

A museum where you can walk around with your phone?
Enjoy Los Angeles art galleries anywhere in the world-Speedy Gallery VR

(Minato-ku, Tokyo)’s U.S. subsidiary Speedy Gallery Inc. (California) has partnered with Walter’s Cube (New York), the creator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other museums, to open a VR gallery on June 19, 2020.

As part of its strategy to further promote DX (Digital Transformation) in the post-Corona era, Speedy Group has completely recreated a gallery in Los Angeles in VR.

All six exhibition rooms (2,400sqft=192m²) in the Speedy Gallery in Los Angeles, where people still live in self-restraint, were meticulously surveyed and created with the latest computer graphics.

This virtual gallery was created by Walter’s Cube (VR Space Holdings), a VR team that has worked on exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York), Gagosian, Pace Gallery, and other prestigious galleries in New York City. Inc., New York, USA).

This allows us to introduce Japanese contemporary art to art lovers not only in the Los Angeles area but also around the world.

Opening the show will be Moeko Maeda, a Japanese artist active in Los Angeles.

Under the title of “What is your Balance,” the exhibition focuses on the balance and harmony that we can find for ourselves in these unstable days when the “New Normal” is replacing the conventional wisdom. The exhibition features a total of 14 works based on the concept of discovering the

All works are made with large quantities of “salt. Salt has been used in Japan since ancient times for ceremonies and other “purifying” purposes. Moeko Maeda says she has been saved by the purifying and healing power of salt since her childhood.

Speedy Gallery opened in 2018 in downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA (current address: 2525 Michigan Ave. B5B, Santa Monica,90404). It moved to Santa Monica this March and is preparing to reopen.
Top Japanese artists are introduced and their works are sold. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to social causes with the aim of solving local community and social problems through art.

The following is a summary of the results of the study.

Please download the free application for the VR gallery “Walter’s Cube”. You can also view it on PC from the URL below.


Press the URL above, and you will see the screen above, then press “VISIT EXHIBITION” in the center.
When the screen below appears, do not hesitate to press “OK.

You’ll enjoy having the gallery right in front of you!