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That the only way to go genderless is the same human

In Los Angeles, where genderless awareness is high, opening the “gender” field on the application form (registration) used to only distinguish between “male” and “female,” but now there are about nine different categories. Some of them even say “I don’t know my gender. That is how much they value diversity.
In this context, the Grammy Awards also abolished the male and female categories. In Japan’s Kohaku Uta Gassen, we have to laugh at the overly subtle decision to eliminate the names of the hosts for the red and white groups. Well, if the distinction between red and white is eliminated, the name of the program will become “Utagassen.🤣
Now, human beings sometimes think they are in control of their words, but in fact they are controlled by them. Words define reality. If we avoid an expression, we have to create a new word to avoid it, and if we go too far, we give birth to countless politically correct expressions. And before you know it, reverse discrimination is fostered in a way that is different from the true nature of the situation.
Miss contests and calling her “beauty pageant chairperson” are all nixed. Still, it is a little difficult to understand why the “beauty chairperson” was made to apologize….
What’s the point of having an “Occupation” column in this day and age? I’m a farmer, a consultant, the president of an entertainment agency, an IT worker, and a real estate agent, so I know how useless the occupations section is in the 21st century.
I think the occupation of after-corona should be “human”. And we should be able to recognize how difficult it is to make it work. One can only contribute to society by pursuing one’s “humanness,” and one cannot find the meaning of one’s own life in the first place.
Well, in a country where married couples’ surnames are on the policy agenda, it’s just empty to try to say gender and occupation free. ….