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Miscellaneous observations after 20 months in Los Angeles (EV, Hemp, Crypto)

A miscellaneous view of Los Angeles for the first time in 20 months.
It’s not as precise as in Japan, but the rough and ready behavior makes life easy. The town is full of energy.
The train has caused roughnecks to move from downtown to Santa Monica, making it unsafe.
The number of Uber drivers has dropped dramatically due to the Corona disaster. The number of Uber drivers has decreased drastically due to the Corona disaster.
Kim Kardashian and FENDY have teamed up to create the “SKIMS” underwear brand. They are pursuing body positivity.
EV cars are in full bloom to keep up with Tesla. The spirit of challenge is unbounded.
…where the public normally talks about virtual currency (Staples Center), which has been renamed the Crypto.com Arena.)
That’s all from the field!