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Visit to Hiroshima and Pledge of Non-war

Every time I come to the A-bomb Dome, I think again that we must not forget the proximity of the war.
The world should not forget the fact that President Obama visited.
We must not forget the fact that innocent city people died.
Once again, we oppose the revision of the Constitution and oppose the deployment of the Self-Defense Forces overseas.

War does not just happen one day. We must wait with suspicion for the mood of the media to change little by little every day. When the media is dysfunctional, war is justified. History proves it.

Iraq War, March 20, 2003
Al Qaeda’s relationship with Iraq remained unclear, and there were no weapons of mass destruction. The aluminum tubes that were used as the basis for the claim that a nuclear weapon could be built within six months were a lie perpetrated by Cheney’s aides. The IAEA’s announcement was also a lie.
→ The media did not even confirm whether or not the IAEA had announced it.

Gulf War, January 17, 1991
It was triggered by the testimony of Nayla, a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl (Iraqi soldiers invaded a hospital and killed 312 babies), but later the girl was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, who was not even in her country at the time, and it was a fabrication.
→ The media did not even do this simple backtracking.

Vietnam War, August 2, 1964
History has shown that the North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked us in the Gulf of Tonkin, which triggered the attack, were deliberately made to attack us. Two million Vietnamese were killed in the fabricated war.
→ The media believed only the White House’s announcement because of the events far from the home country.

The Atomic Bomb Dome continues to show the horrors of war.