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Entrepreneur Eri Kohinata’s new housekeeping service “Tokyo Kaasan

Lunch with Eri Kohinata, owner of “Tokyo Kaasan” at “Cafe Laundry” in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
Community space where you can do laundry while having lunch. This place is also interesting.

Ms. Kohinata is both a reki-jyo idol and an entrepreneur.
Tokyo Kaasan” is a fixed-price service that supports families from a mother’s perspective. The fact that most of the customers who have used the service once order more than the fixed amount shows how highly satisfied they are with the service. It is not just a housekeeping service, but a quality service in which experienced kaosan look after women’s child-rearing and daily life.

Please try it out for babysitting and housework. At the same time, they are always looking to hire experienced mothers.

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