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Speedy Gallery : Los Angeles style Corona era party!

For this opening party, we were not as nervously aware of Corona as we are in Japan.
No obligation to wear masks!
People who don’t want to catch it themselves wear masks, and I’m already vaccinated, so there’s nothing more to do! Those who say “I don’t wear a mask” don’t wear a mask. Eighty percent of the respondents did not wear masks.
We decided to stop using bottled wine for beverages and instead use canned wine, which was absurdly popular. Finger foods were served only in individual packages of Japanese crackers and sweets. Shiroi Koibito” was especially popular.🤣
I think we had a very generous opening.
So, how long will Japan play vigilante?
New exhibition, “LANDED,”
Debora Medici-Guetta.
November 14 – December 18
Wed – Sat 12-6pm
Speedy Gallery
Bergamot Station Arts Center Suite B5B.
2525 Michigan Ave.,Santa Monica, CA90404
Official website
Debora Medici-Guetta: LANDED