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Speedy CryptoArt : We are pleased to announce the release of the second batch (3 works) of NFT works by artist Shinichi Hara!

We are pleased to announce the release of the second set of crypto-art works (NFT art) by artist Shinichi Hara!
Speedy Euro OÜ (Speedy CryptoArt Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia), an NFT art gallery operated by Speedy Euro OÜ, has announced that it has received a The first two NFT artworks by contemporary artist Hara Shinichi, who created the key visuals for all the albums and has sold a total of 100 million copies, are all sold out!
And today we released the second series (3 films in total) on Opensea.


↑ ◆ Op. title: Yes, and how many deaths will take ʻtill he knows That too many people have died? (Bob Dylan)
How many deaths would it take to realize that too many sacrifices have been made (Bob Dylan)

I thought the world would be at peace in the 21st century, and yet every day there is a war and someone is dying somewhere. How much do people love war!



↑ ◆work name: SUPER YOUR MASK

We live in a nuclear age! This mask is your own.
Humanity has acquired enough energy to destroy the earth.
Let’s leave our children a nuclear-free world with smiles on their faces!



↑ up ◆work name: SUPER FLYING MASK

Since ancient times, humans have created icons in their masks to create new forms of communication.
The icons mimicked the spirituality of the times.
In the early Muromachi period (14th century), there were about 60 types of Noh masks in Japan. Each mask expressed the roles of men and women and the history of their way of life.
Now, in the 21st century, what mask icons represent the times?
For 30 years, I have been collecting icons from newspapers, magazines, illustrated books, and the Internet (science, religion, physics, public, medicine, fashion, sports, music, etc.) all over the world without borders. And in these chaotic times, the Flying Skull has emerged, tattooed with icons!



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