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Corona Think : Recommendation of Plan B for use of special fixed benefits

I read an article last year about a teishoku-ya chain that will stop offering free refills of rice. The reason for this was that customers who did not get second helpings pointed out that it was unfair.

It seems to me that more and more people are unable to tolerate someone else gaining from the Corona disaster, even though they have nothing to lose.

The idea of a special fixed benefit is, in a sense, a reflection of such times. Originally, social progress should have been based on helping the weak. The wealthy should help the poor. Japan, in particular, has always been such a country, and if we have come to believe in it, it has been possible even if progressive taxation is higher than in other countries.

The idea was to distribute the money uniformly because the situation is urgent at the moment, but now that it has started, the process of receiving the money is slow. Some people say that if it is not uniform, the process will be even slower, but that is not the basic concept of the work. First of all, work (in this case, politics) should have a goal set and proceed against that ideal (game plan).

The order of annual income, from lowest to highest, should support more of the 12 trillion yen source. But since that is no longer the case, Plan B is for those who do not have an immediate need for the 100,000 yen received to donate it to an organization or individual that comes to mind. ←No coercion, no peer pressure.
It would be great if 1/3 of the 12 trillion yen, or 4 trillion yen, could reach those in urgent need.

What do you think about this kind of thinking?
If you know of any good places to donate, please let me know.

The number of people who “cannot forgive others’ gains” is on the rise.

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