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The post Corona Thoughts : Ditch the Office!


#New work style

The ultimate change in the way we work is to turn the city, and the world, into our offices.

Speedy has already abandoned its offices. (It is still in Roppongi for registration and delivery, but with no employees, desks, or anything else.)
Employees may work anywhere and at any time.

Before Corona, I thought the office was not a place to work, just a workshop. If you want to work, you can do it at Starbucks.
Work is not only work. The real work begins when we go to places around the world that we care about and meet with people we care about.

In other words, the work breakdown is made up of a combination of “on-site and work. What I am mainly doing now with remote work is just work. Starbucks has just become home.
What should be considered is what to do with the site in the future. The way we work from After Corona will naturally be different from before. This is because the field has been transformed. We can’t go there and meet new partners.

The key skill here is “digital work ability” (digi-ryoku).
Fortunately, I understand both the analog and digital worlds, having run a state-of-the-art digital marketing company since the Internet’s early days.
That is why I am keenly aware that “digital power” will become more and more important in the world of the future.

The importance of “digi-strength” is evident in each country’s measures against coronas. It was not good enough to have a digital illiterate as a political leader.
The victorious countries, including Taiwan, Germany, and Korea, digitally contained the corona.
On the other hand, we must be concerned about the future of a country that appoints a cyber minister who “can’t use a computer.

#The country is broken and the digital world is here to stay.