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Squid, Squid, Squid Game! A new promotion method for NFT art?

Squid, squid, squid game.
Not only the entertainment industry, but the whole world is talking about “Squid Game,” a Korean drama currently airing on Netflix.
NFT art “Squid Game” suddenly appeared on the top page of Speedy CryptoArt (lol)
Apparently, it was not official, but was created and sent out on its own. I searched the Internet and found that they have been distributing them a lot, so it might be interesting as a new promotion. (I think it’s illegal.)
Now, what we as the NFT Art Gallery should be thinking about is how they were suddenly placed next to Damien Hirst’s work without permission. I wondered how costly it was for them to pay the high gas prices and disperse them to several different locations.
However, the side chain used Polygon, which is free, instead of Ethereum (ETH), which costs nearly $10,000 for gas. This is a guy who can inadvertently resell this stuff but can’t exchange it on an exchange…let’s not get technical about it. Not a bad idea.
If the gallery doesn’t notice and hide it, it might stick around for a long time and have a great promotional effect… So, I Burned it.
Now, some of you may not know about the Korean drama “Squid Game,” so let me explain a little about it.
↓ Story
One day, an invitation to participate in a mysterious game arrives at the doorstep of a group of people on the brink of financial ruin. The 456 participants, who are of different ages and occupations, are challenged to play a “game of survival for their lives,” reminiscent of the games they played as children, in order to win the 45.6 billion won prize and escape their miserable situation… …. The film depicts the participants challenging themselves to a game reminiscent of “Daruma-san Koronada” in a space where everything is inexplicable, controlled by a mysterious figure. Who will win, and what is the hidden purpose of this game?
↓ This is such a global boom.
Netflix’s “Squid Game” was viewed by 142 million households worldwide in 4 weeks. Top spot in 94 countries worldwide.
↓economic value is not even half of what it was!
The “Squid Game” is worth more than 100 billion yen – Netflix estimates.
In fact, the production company for this drama is called “Studio Dragon,” the same company that also made “The Emergency Landing of Love.
Shares of movie and drama production companies soar on popularity of “Squid Game” – Korea Economic Daily International – https://www.kedglobal.com/newsView/ked202109270015
And finally, I’m proud.
Speedy Inc. is a shareholder of Studio Dragon. Hmmm.
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