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Talked dialogue [Quit the company in your 50s and win! Reverse Career Strategy] (Part 1) Atsushi Takada, Branding Consultant x Jun Fukuda, Consultant

Formerly the head of the Lexus brand at Toyota Motor Corporation, he is now a consultant and author of the bestseller “Quit the Company in Your 50s and Win! I had a chance to talk with Mr. Atsushi Takada, who has written a book titled “45 Rules for Not Becoming a Finished Person” (Shueisha), at a course for working adults at Waseda last December before the Corona.

I believe that many people are currently experiencing personal achievements through remote work. This course was the perfect opportunity for me to reconsider the distance between myself and my company. Please read the summary website and if you have not read Mr. Takada’s book, please do so.
This is the most necessary book for businessmen now!

Talked dialogue [Quit the company in your 50s and win! Career Strategies in Reverse] (Part 1)
Atsushi Takada, Branding Consultant × Jun Fukuda, Consultant
Organized by WASEDA NEO
Place: Waseda University Nihonbashi Campus (5th floor part of COREDO Nihonbashi)

Takada: “I had a great admiration for the word “freelance.” It means “living on your own. Some of you may remember the “Lancers “* ad that appeared in the Nikkei Newspaper last year. The ad said, “Let’s stop hiring at the company. Lancers will introduce people with various skills from all over Japan to your company as freelancers. That’s how you will live. Order high-skilled personnel immediately. This body copy became very popular. I think that the so-called “gig economy” and “gig workers” are not only suitable for young people, but also for the elderly. If young people get too carried away with this kind of thing, they will lose their employee pension, and they are very grateful for the company. However, those of us who are working into our 50s are paying a certain amount of employee pension, so perhaps the environment for freelancing is starting to improve. I’m sure that’s a good thing.”


Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Koshima