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Speedy Books : New Art Book “Story of a Cell” by Moeko Maeda on Sale!

Speedy Books has a new art book out!
Moeko Maeda’s art book “Story of a Cell,” currently on exhibit at Speedy Gallery in Los Angeles, is now available.
Moeko’s art looks like simple monotone pieces, but
A complex process, each piece takes more than a year to complete.
All works are covered with salt. (Photos taken at each step of the process)
Moeko’s childhood was a battle with allergies. When she moved to the seaside, she was cured by salt, including the sea breeze. Salt has been considered sacred since ancient times in Japan and has been used in purification ceremonies. These experiences led him to begin creating art using salt.
The production process has three major stages.
(1) Write letters or words that come to your consciousness (May the energy from the letters become your bones and foundation)
Draw a single letter in the center of the picture that serves as the initial concept. From there, other letters in the chain are drawn and added.
(2) Paint the chakra colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple) (May the chakra energy circulate and emit energy)
These seven colors are used as a base for layering in varying proportions.
(3) Grow salt crystals on the painting as a final step (may they purify and protect the energy around them)
Sprinkle salt, harden with wax, and repeat.
Through these processes, Moeko’s artwork comes to life and begins to breathe. The works of art can share time and grow together with their viewers.
Please enjoy Moeko’s unique art world.
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Story of a Cell” by Moeko Maeda