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Age is not just a number.

Age is just a number! Some people say. I feel like it’s kind of a bad joke, and after living for over 50 years, I don’t think it’s just a number.
I have never thought of my age in that way.
Ihoko Kurokawa of “Trisetsu Series” once told me how many best brains there are! I heard a talk called The following talk has been a long time since I heard it, so it may be my interpretation.
The brain until the 20s is a brain that takes risks and experiences failure.
The 30s are the brain that learns from danger and enjoys success.
The brain in its 40’s is the best brain ever, full of confidence after all the successes and failures! It seems like it, but it’s not. It seems that overconfidence is a recipe for disaster.
Now, finally, we are in our 50s. The brain that can afford to feel a bit of physical decline. But not the best yet! Eh!
The real best seems to be in their 60s. A brain that can be kind to others from many experiences.
He said that the superlative comes in his 70s and above because he forgets things and can live by his senses.
I mean, life just keeps getting better and better! That’s what I mean.
So stacking numbers is a good thing.