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Speedy Farm : “Baobab tea leaves”, the superfood made famous by “The Prince of Wales”, is now on sale! Reduces elevated blood sugar levels.


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The baobab tree, made famous in “The Prince of Persia,” is a superfood.
Imported from Madagascar by our ally, Seijun Nishibatake, and grown in Okinawa.
The leaves of the baobab tree are harvested and dried to make tea leaves.
To investigate its efficacy, the Japan Food Analysis Center in Hokkaido conducted a blood glucose elevation test using mice.
The results showed that when an adult consumes 0.5 grams (a set of tea leaves contains 3.0 grams) at a time, the blood sugar rise one hour after eating is reduced by 34.6%! This is a great effect.
I will start selling it soon as “Baobab Tea” on “Eat Choku” on a trial basis. Various procedures passed!
Also, the package design has been done by “Cardboard One,” which Nono has been working with for commercials, and we will soon be able to announce the sales of the product.
*Photograph of a mature baobab tree taken from the internet.
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