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Catch the enormous energy emitted by Tadanori Yokoo!

I went to the Tadanori Yokoo exhibition.
Not only art lovers, design and creative people, but also business people should go to see this exhibition.
The relentless repetition of Tadanori Yokoo’s Y-shaped, Red Lady, Waterfall, Tama, and other series of artworks, and the
The strong lineup of works is inspired by Yukio Mishima, Surrealism, Picasso, Impressionism, and others.
It’s not a matter of which one is my favorite, but the whole thing radiates great energy. The viewer needs to have the spirit to keep up with it.
Tadanori Yokoo has continued to throw fragments of images (social moods and personal events) that came into his head at the time onto the canvas for decades. This mass of energy has been converted into the vitality of life.
Mr. Yokoo is an extreme health nut and takes extremely good care of himself. I was supposed to meet him for a meeting about 10 years ago, but he said he wanted to make a decision based on his condition on that day, so I could not meet him. I accept this kind of fate. Timing is important for both parties.
A few years ago, the person in charge of the exhibition was 30 minutes late for a meeting, and Mr. Yokoo lost all motivation at once, leading to the cancellation of the exhibition itself. Although this alone would make him sound like a difficult artist, he later completed several works with the article pasted on the wall. What motivation!
I feel sorry for those in charge, but perhaps mood is also an important guideline for physical health. It may be more of an honor to be the subject.
An ordinary person’s diary is art production for Yokoo.
With the weakened Corona disaster, Tadanori Yokoo art is providing the world with a new source of energy.
If you haven’t already, please do!
GENKYO Tadanori Yokoo