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Talked Dialogue: “Thinking about World Domination Makes Life Easier for Humans” (Part 1) Islamic Jurist Takashi Nakata and Brand Consultant Jun Fukuda

Shuichi Kitao
I read the book, “World Domination from Age 13,” which is light-hearted and full of humor, and found it to be very interesting! By giving children who are anxious and lonely about their future the theme of “world domination,” they can do anything they want! It is the content that makes people think that they are the best in the world.
And now, we have come to have a conversation with the author, Dr. Kou Nakata. This dialogue is really interesting, so please read it.
Talked Dialogue [Thinking about World Domination Makes Human Life Easier] (Part 1)
Takashi Nakata, Islamic jurist x Jun Fukuda, brand consultant
Nakata: “He said it’s okay to be a recluse. A depressed person doesn’t have to force himself to get better, so it’s okay to just leave it as it is. In fact, it is easier to think that way, after all.
(omitted) It’s not like we need to worry about it in the first place. Of course, Japan’s future is bleak ……, but that said, Japan is not yet a country where we are all going to starve to death. Therefore, I feel that we just need to live.
(omitted) Even if you don’t do anything, well, even if you are poor, you still have a functioning welfare system and so on. And in the end, everyone will die in the end. So it doesn’t matter whether you worry or not, people are going to die anyway.
(omission) I recently visited an Islamic country, but it is really poor, partly because it is insulated from the rest of the world. The only area where cell phone service is available is in Turkey, a neighboring country that happens to have telephone service. There is no water supply, and water trucks come to the area. Even so, I have seen many other places where the environment is much harsher than that, such as Gaza and Palestine, and compared to those countries, I wonder why Japan is so worried about such things.
(omitted) Moreover, you are worrying about your old age, and young people are worrying about 40 years from now. I wonder what they are thinking about, really. Even if you really try to eliminate worry, in the end the total amount of worry will remain the same. Worrying about what will happen in 40 years is probably not true at all.
Editing: Junko Io
Composition: Mikiko Taguchi
Photo: Yukiko Echima
Date: May 26, 2021