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SpeedyCryptoArt : The status of secondary distribution of Damien Hirst NFT works visualized online!

The secondary distribution of Damien Hirst’s NFT work Currency (10,000 copies produced) is visualized online.

This is an incredible breakthrough! Not only have we created transparency in the art market, but we have created an open market where the value can be seen live, just like stock prices.

In case you’re wondering, the piece has increased about 13 times in two months.
250,000 yen buy price to 2.8 million yen!

Damien Hirst: Currency Sales Summary 2021/0909

TTL Sold: 2,205 titles
TTL Revenue : $56,065,365 (6.1 billion yen)
Per titla : $25,426 (2.8 million yen)
Primary Price : $ 2,000 (220,000 yen)
Premium Value : x12.7