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Otsuka Shokai AppleCLIP / Podcast “The Age of DX at a Glance” Naoki Sakai, Conceptor

Mr. Naoki Sakai appeared on the radio and talked about his life leading up to his book, “Swissy Ikiru Corona Jidai” (co-authored with Jun Fukuda).
It’s a podcast, so feel free to listen on your phone!
Otsuka Shokai AppleCLIP #459 “The Age of DX at a Glance” Naoki Sakai, Conceptor
Program Summary
This week AppleCLIP welcomes Naoki Sakai (Naoki Sakai), a conceptor, to Zoom for a two-week talk titled [The Times are DX at a Glance].
Naoki Sakai has made T-shirts with tattoo motifs very popular on the West Coast of the U.S., where the hippie movement is booming, and he is also a buff. During the ゙l period, he designed the Be-1, a cute yellow automobile that was round and everything.
The Be-1 took the world by storm, and later legendary cars such as the Pao, Figaro, and Racine were also designed. The company’s first and largest In addition, while appearing on many TV programs under the title of “conceptor,” he has designed cameras, wristwatches, and other items. He also designed and received worldwide acclaim.
Mr. Sakai, who has always been ahead of the times, is quickly shifting to consulting related to DX (Digital Transformation). I heard that the company is now in the process of developing a new business model. You are truly evolving your field of activity from things to things, aren’t you?
We also asked him about his books on DX, “Curiosity and Innovation” and “The Age of Swiss Living in Corona,” which he said are hot topics. 70 We hope you will be greatly inspired by a senior who is not only proficient in IT at the age of mid-70, but is also on the cutting edge of IT and DX.
◆”Swiss Living in the Corona Era (Koryosha Shoten) Sakai, Naoki, Fukuda, Jun