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SMS Fishing : A Devil’s Advantage? Stupid me.

I’m writing this post because I want everyone to feel as much sympathy as possible.
I am really stupid.
A few weeks ago I ran out of space in my MacBook (12-inch, 2017) and ordered a new MacBook from the Apple Store and arranged for it to arrive in Okinawa. Every day I received an email stating that the delivery would be delayed due to the typhoon.
Then yesterday, just as I was finally expecting to arrive tomorrow, I received an SMS. It was not an email.
Due to inclement weather, we may not be able to deliver your order as scheduled… And because the link had apple in it, I clicked on the URL and put in my Apple ID… Stupid me… Stupid idiot!
From there, I want to erase the memory. No, from there I just want to go back to where I was 20 minutes ago.
My AppleID, which I had used for many years, was stolen and made inaccessible to me. Minutes later, the Apple ID was in the hands of a Chinese national. (I got an access email from China)
Immediately tried to stop the use of registered credit cards and find a way to recover, but it is no longer possible to return to normal life. iCloud has all the materials in iCloud. By device (2 iPhones, MacBook, iPAD mini, iPad Pro)
If you don’t go through the deactivation process and reset the device, you will never be able to use it again.
They seem to prepare crazy documents such as the store in Los Angeles where they purchased it and detailed certificates to deactivate it. This phishing scam is so common now that it takes more than 30 days to complete the process. The apple ID used for many years cannot be used forever. So I can no longer use airdropping. I am also having a hard time transferring several years of photo data from my iPhone to my Suica wallet.
I screamed into the ocean for 15 minutes and was depressed for 5 minutes. This used about 10,000 soul levels.
And I reviewed this. No one is to blame. It’s all my fault. So there is no reason to be angry. And the past doesn’t come back when you mourn forever for something that is gone.
All things move forward on time. Time cannot be rewound or frozen. There is only forward motion… I’m not going to say that.
Then, at dawn, I took a boat to the uninhabited coral island of Kuehue and looked out over the world. How tiny I was. I may have been under the illusion that the cyber world was more important than the real world without realizing it.
While I fret over past data, the sun makes its rounds and the moon appears again. Birds chirp at sunrise, and fireflies flash in the night.
Now, it is good to think of it as an opportunity to become fifty-six (isoroku), and to be able to cut off information.
Regret as big as a stain remains, but there is no point in thinking about something we can’t do anything about. I would rather forget about it quickly and overwrite my brain with new experiences and memories. Thinking about this suddenly gave me a strange energy.
I believe that by writing a post here, I can purge some of this stupid experience.
But still, I’m an idiot…