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Speedy Farm : Eliminate hunger from the earth and promote longevity.

About Speedy Farm.

I’m going farming!” I started to say, “I love vegetable gardens! or “Are you playing with the soil? I get a lot of reactions (laughs).
No, no, no, I seriously think of it as a business.

The cost of food imports has gone up due to the drastic decrease in air transportation due to the Corona. Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate is also low.
Meanwhile, the aging of the population is increasing the number of marginalized communities in rural areas, and there is a surplus of farmland!
So I rented a large tract of farmland in Okinawa with the intention of exploring the possibility of using IoT and robotics in agriculture, which would require extremely little manpower.

From #Straw to Smartphone

Crops for longevity
(Utilize networking with mentor Seikichi Shimoji [entrepreneur who made the legend of the sake brewer a hit] and other seniors in Okinawa, including medicinal herbs that support longevity in Okinawa)
Plant rare foods not found in Japan
(Seeds and seedlings are imported from overseas and mericloned [aseptic tissue culture]. Our ally, Kiyoshun Nishibatake, supports us!)
Direct from the farm to everyone.
(Utilize D2C models such as “Eat Choku”)
Create your own brand by working with the best creators on naming, packaging, and copywriting.

They intend to develop Speedy Farm on a scale of about 10 hectares (30,000 tsubo) as soon as possible.