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Summary of “Beyond The Frame Festival,” Japan’s first VR film festival


The closing ceremony of “Beyond The Frame Festival,” Japan’s first VR film festival, was over.
Sunday, February 21, 2021

Radio DJ, TV personality, and Friday Road Show navigator, Sascha, and Vtuber, Uka Notsuki, navigated the event and made it smooth and enjoyable.

The three categories of “Grand Prix,” “VR Story Award,” and “VR Experience Award” were discussed among the 18 nominated works by the judges, Sion Sono, Ellie Omiya, and Jun Fukuda.

The three of them perfectly recommended the following two works: one in which the user is secretly watching from a corner of the world, and the other in which the user participates by lighting fires and touching things. Although there was a mixture of the two in this year’s screening, I believe that these two types of VR will spread in the future.

The four award-winning works this year were, not unexpectedly, the type of works that one would “watch from the corner. Surprisingly, the sense of experience was stronger than that of the works in which the audience participated by operating the remote control. Let’s call it a sense of presence.
I think it would be good to build the structure of future VR film festivals based on these considerations.


The following works received awards.

Grand Prix” is for two films!
Director: HSU Chih-Yen

Director: Jonathan Hagard

The Book of Distance, winner of the VR Story Award
Director :Randall Okita
Produced by David Oppenheim of the National Film Board of Canada

VR Experience Award” winning film “MOWB
Director : Kazuki Yuhara