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If you have the ability to write your own thoughts into words, you’d make a great curator/producer/editor!

When venture development professional Kazuma Ieiri and art industry cheerleader Hiromi Yamaguchi get together, there is no reason why the event can’t be exciting.
At first glance, they seem to be completely different industries, but in fact they are similar. Nurturing and supporting people. There may be a new form of coaching.
He reaffirms that the important thing for curation is to be able to put one’s insights into words. The ability to communicate verbally is probably what sets humans apart from other creatures. This is called tertiary conditioned reflex.
It is an unconditioned reflex to self-propagate on its own, such as amoebas.” The “Pavlov’s dog” experiment is a secondary conditioned reflex. The tertiary conditioned reflex is “a response to a symbol by a symbol. In other words, words.
The ability to verbalize the knowledge I have developed by reading many books and chatting with many people. If you hone this ability, I think you can become a great curator, producer, and editor.
◆ Reference
My Escape” (Heibonsha) Author : Ieiri Kazuma
Kanko Art” (Kobunsha Shinsho) Author : Hiromi Yamaguchi