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On the issue of art being the raw material of design

What is the difference between art and design?
This is happening all over the world, with designs inspired by art being cracked down on.
Why do these things happen?
To consider this issue is to consider the difference between art and design.
Design has clients. Art does not. I dare say that art’s client is itself.
Design has a clear goal. The designer cannot change the destination at will. The designer must realize free expression within many constraints (budget, time).
Therefore, some situations may arise in which they have no choice but to take a crack at it. However, from the perspective of an artist who creates something out of nothing, it would be called thievery.
The more human civilization progresses, the more designs are created in the world. There is a possibility that a truly unintentional close resemblance could be created. That’s why search engines for AI-based designs have emerged. (see below)
But the biggest problem is probably the client’s lack of education. Companies that place design orders should not leave it up to agencies, production companies, and designers. The currents of the market need to be understood. And respect the art!
In this day and age, even at the “somewhat similar” level, once a fire is ignited on social networking sites, there is no doubt that it will catch fire.
Let’s get it right.
Very similar to the work of Yujio Shinohara. Follow up on “SHIBUYA BOXING ART
Laforet Harajuku, plagiarism in advertisements; agency recognizes Sakai’s work but claims “no intent to imitate”.
Fujiya’s Peko-chan was actually a pacifier.
Amidst the ongoing plagiarism scandal surrounding the official emblem of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXX Olympiad announced on January 1 that the logo design decided to withdraw it.
There is even a website to check for pacifiers.