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Chef Kenichiro Okada opened Okadamae (from the title of his fans wanting to eat meat in front of Mr. Okada) in Azabu Juban!

Chef Kenichiro Okada opened “Okadamae” in Azabu Juban (the name comes from the title of a restaurant where fans want to eat meat in front of Mr. Okada). ゙We celebrated as soon as possible.
Kenichiro Okada is the same age and from the same bubble generation in Osaka.
The opening of a new restaurant after half a lifetime of amazing ups and downs. I think it is deeply moving.
This generation has been at the mercy of the times. They entered society in the bubble economy and debuted in society with breakneck speed and fervor.
It is no exaggeration to say that several hundred years were condensed into 55 years.
Like a roller coaster ride, success and failure followed one another, and here we are today. There are many people who have disappeared due to financial failure, but I believe that what people like Mr. Okada who continue to shine today have in common is “adult kindness. Only a professional who understands the pain in people’s hearts can demonstrate this.
If you are interested, please taste the meat with Okada-san’s “adult kindness”.
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Why Kenichiro Okada, a darling of the restaurant industry, is trying again to start a business at age 55.
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