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Thoughts on the media coverage of comedian and picture book author Akihiro Nishino: Society should support challengers!

Negative articles on comedian and picture book author Akihiro Nishino are terrible.
Curiously, the intensity appears to have increased since January 30, 2021, when he left his office.
Is it this country, or… Is it this industry, or is it sad that there is no culture to support people who challenge themselves? There are all kinds of people. It’s okay to change your mind all of a sudden. It’s okay to fail a lot.
People should be born free. Everyone can live as they please. Talent is free to be independent, transfer, and belong.
In this day and age, a spirit of tolerance is increasingly necessary.
Be different from others.
Be kind to people.
Have originality and ingenuity.
I would like to keep these three things in mind.
As a small measure of resistance, I avoid clicking on the following articles as much as possible. I don’t click on the titles of articles that talk bad about others. I don’t watch wide TV shows.
Because my, that little click is what keeps them alive.
Nikkan Gendai” Nishino’s annual sales of 800 million yen: The reality of alchemy of celebrity “online salons
Daily Bulletin.
Ryohiro Nishino’s “Puppel in the Town of Entsukomachi,” which I saw next to a female audience member who was weeping, was far from Hayao Miyazaki’s back.
Tosoho” Ryouhiro Nishino lectured an ordinary woman publicly for 30 minutes, calling her “cancer” on his blog. I guess that’s a turnoff.
Kinkon Nishino’s “no-fee” comment adds fuel to the fire, and senior comedians express their displeasure.