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Japan’s first VR international film festival “Beyond the Frame Festival” Jury: Sion Sono, Ellie Omiya, Jun Fukuda (February 12 -21, 2021)

Beyond the Frame Festival” (Beyond the Frame Festival), Japan’s first international VR film festival

Festival Outline

Dates: Friday, February 12, 2021 – Sunday, February 21, 2021
Location: Online
Language support: Japanese and English (simultaneous interpretation available)

Delivery platform: “VIVEPORT” and “VeeR
Judging : Three categories “Grand Prix”, “VR Story Award” and “VR Experience Award
Winning entries: to be announced at the Closing Ceremony on the final day, February 21 (Sunday)

Judges : Sion Sono, Ellie Omiya, Jun Fukuda

Jury Comments
Sion Sono / Film director, Screenwriter
VR is the future of video. Therefore, I want to go beyond the title of filmmaker and open a new gate. There is always something to aim for on that path, which is why I accepted to be a member of this jury.
The “freedom” to escape the “inconvenience” of the body and travel in the brain.
It is an experience that no one has ever felt before, which is why we look forward to the evolution of VR.

Ellie Omiya / Author, Painter
As times are changing globally, what kind of works of art do people want to leave behind and what kind of message do they want to release? I am interested. I look forward to it.

Jun Fukuda / Brand Consultant President, Speedy, Inc.
The telephone, invented by Graham Bell, was an extension of the human ear. The invention of the television was an extension of the field of vision. The invention of the airplane and the car, which gave people the ability to move around instantly, actually reduced the scenery along the way and made the experience disappear.

Organized by CinemaLeap Inc.
Cooperation: Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioned Project “Cultural and Artistic Profit Enhancement Project” / HTCVIVE/VIVEPORT/VeeR

Official HP : https://btffjp.com/
twitter : https://twitter.com/btffjp
YouTube: https: //youtu.be/90UUyMahbkg