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The trendy invitation-only voice SNS [Clubhouse] is a radio combined with LINE and Twitter! It’s a service like.

Yay, Clubhouse fun!

I’ll get the audio.
It’s like a combination of LINE and Twitter.

I could talk with brilliant people in an instant, and Clubhouse is good at flattening the relationship between all the participants. It really refines my sensibility.

From the top of the description in the following screener
On The Trip’s Naruse’s debut.

In the middle is a gorgeous member of Naoki Sakai’s debut team. Nidec’s EV module is amazing.

Below is the first event. It got off to a thrilling start, with moderator “Departure Band” President Takayama’s guttersnap and the case of missing Naoki Sakai, but
Akira Takatoriya, a famous Japanese businessman in the Arab world, suddenly appeared
Saved, and helped by IT critic Kazuhiro Ohara, this event made me see the potential of Clubhouse!
It’s been a while since I’ve been on a fun social networking site.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio chat social networking application launched in 2020 by software developer Alpha Exploration Co.

Paul Davison, co-founder and CEO of Alpha Exploration Co. is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur who graduated from Stanford University in 2002 (MBA, 2007).
In 2016-2918 he was at Pinterest in the UI and other utilities department.

As of December 2020, it was worth nearly US$100 million, and on January 21, 2021, its valuation reached US$1 billion.
It was revealed that there are 2 million active users per week. (as of January 25, 2021)

Currently, there is no Japanese version and only an iPhone app. Furthermore, the invitation limit is limited to two people. (There is a theory that if you are active, another invite account will be added)
Since a cell phone number is required to send invitations, only trusted friends can be connected.

This social networking possibility can be found at ….

Safe SNS
To be able to create a safe and secure community of friends only for people who are tired of being strangers on social networking sites.
Friends can extend trust by being able to refer friends on the spot.
First name icons allow for a flat relationship between the young and the old.
Since it is audio-only and no logs are kept, it is easy to start without any posturing like in a Zoom meeting.
You can listen to the inside stories of your friends even if you are a stranger to them. (Can be set to closed or open)
The secretary (green mark) can have friends join in. (Can increase the number of secretaries during a conversation)
In the case of a large number of conversations, you can invite the person of your choice to join you in the conversation and leave the circle.
I think that from a business point of view, dating services (lol) will still start using it.
If you have a lot of followers (Clubhouser), you can use it like radio or lectures.
Real-time only, no logging, so you can enjoy unintentional conversations.
Some communities offer radio-like “while listening” entertainment.


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Clubhouse, the popular next-generation voice social networking site, announces plans to pay its creators and is preparing a new round led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Clubhouse, which also imitates Twitter, raises funds in new round to support creators.