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What is the nature of this vague sense of anxiety now?

What is the nature of this vague sense of anxiety now?

The invisibility of this threat certainly adds to the anxiety.
In everyday life, it is not possible to feel it at all.
If it was a mysterious flying object from North Korea or a conflict in the Middle East, it would be somewhat of a threat to us, but, well, we were not this worried.

The trouble with this virus is that it is invisible. It’s like having your life monitored by an invisible man.
%死ぬ」と言われたら誰も外出しないが「家から出たら数% someone said, “If you go %死ぬ」と言われたら誰も外出しないが「家から出たら数% of your house, %死ぬ」と言われたら誰も外出しないが「家から出たら数% a hundred deaths %死ぬ」と言われたら誰も外出しないが「家から出たら数% how would you feel if someone said, %死ぬ」と言われたら誰も外出しないが「家から出たら数% will die.” But maybe that feeling is exactly what is happening now.
No one knows for sure whether or not “I won’t die with such lottery-like odds” or “I won’t be the only one.”…

This sense of insecurity is what “my sense of reality is making me lose”.

How to regain our physicality (offline)” will be a major theme for After Corona.

#Let’s keep as much distance online as possible.
← Accept others. Breathe before posting criticism and slander.
#Breathing and exercising on the balcony or in the garden
← I dance while singing 80’s music.
#Running or strolling in parks or beaches at a social distance
← For those in areas where even this is not possible, please hold on for a while.
#Home Meditation and Yoga
← We recommend Calm, the world’s #1 meditation app used by 50 million people. It’s an inner trip when it comes to this.