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Viruses in the online world are destroying the world, just like viruses in the real world.

NHK Special “Digital vs. Real” Part 1 – “I” Lost to Fake

It was very interesting.

Fake news can propagate one after another like a virus through social networking sites.
It is just like the spread of a real-life novel coronavirus.

Virus (the Japanese word for virus is viral when pronounced in English) and viral have the same root word.
The speed and spread of fake news also appear to be analogous to the spread of real viruses.

Fake news travels 20 times faster than real news, they say.

According to Professor Sinan Aral of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Surprise, disgust, and anger can quickly motivate people to ‘spread’ behavior.

Fact-checking such fakes will not be completed in time.
Various measures are being taken to stop this.
The non-profit organization “真的假的Comfacts” utilizes 500 volunteers to send articles to 240,000 registered users, with AI looking for articles with opposing or different opinions, rather than checking the facts of the information for authenticity.
By offering different opinions at the same time, the program is said to help students develop the ability to think independently.

Carlos Merlo, who is in the business of faux proliferation and has been called Mexico’s faux king, said.
It is the users of social networking sites who have been sharing everything irresponsibly,” he said. If everyone had read the article for just one more minute, many of the fakes wouldn’t have had any impact. It’s just the nature of the way things are.”

Perhaps we should be aware that we are “asymptomatically infected” on the Internet.

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