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Spoon’s April 2020 issue features “Break Through the Line” on the cover.

Non” is on the cover.

Spoon Latest Issue: April 2020 (February 28, 2020) Publisher: KADOKAWA
Break Through the Line “Beyond the Boundaries” Special!

In addition to the cover of UNDERCOVER’s full coordinate, the full coordinate of NONTOKYO will be photographed. The film “Stardust Town”, the first film in 6 years, and the future “creative artist” activities will also be discussed!

(Regarding the scene in “Hoshikuzu no Machi” where Ai plays and sings “Shinjuku no Onna”) “In talking with the director, we discussed the possibility of not playing the guitar, but I insisted that if I was going to play the guitar, it would be meaningless if I didn’t. So I ended up playing and singing “Shinjuku no Onna”.