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Thinking about the future in the context of a pandemic – The future lies in the present.

All events may be signals for the future.

Isn’t everything good and bad a sign to our future selves? Be equipped with five senses that always notice the signs. Is this wind a follow? Is it an aggresive? The future is yours if you think deeply about its meaning.

During the past month or so, I have traveled back and forth between New York and Los Angeles, and once again felt the breadth and narrowness of the world.

The new virus began in Wuhan, China, and quickly spread throughout the world. Even though we live on the same planet, differences in policies between countries have affected the number of deaths. The most important task of politics is to protect the lives of the people, but in some countries, good measures are not being taken due to the awareness and abilities of the leaders.

I would like to summarize the measures taken by China, partly because it is the birthplace of the program, but also because they were excellent.

The Chinese government succeeded in containing it within two months of the lockdown.
In the past, the number of new cases was increasing at a rate of more than 3,000 every day, but as of March 19, both the entire province of Hubei and the city of Wuhan had no more cases.
To summarize the process so far.

Wuhan authorities announced the “confirmation of a patient with pneumonia of unknown cause” on December 30, 2011.
Wuhan was sealed off. (Lockdown) * January 23
Gradual tightening of movement within the town * Restriction of freedom for over 10 million people in Wuhan and approximately 60 million people in the entire Hubei Province
Citizens are restricted to one outing every three days *Prohibited in principle within Wuhan City
Each community organizes orders for food and other items and delivers them.
The government will intensively deploy supplies and human resources *About 750,000 tons of food, daily commodities, and medical equipment will be transported, and more than 40,000 medical personnel will be dispatched *Implemented by March 10
All residents are required to take body temperature twice a day *Wuhan only
Temporary hospital was set up in a renovated gymnasium in the city.

The U.S. was quick from lockdown to curfew, although there were variations from state to state.

California State Government : All restaurants and bars are closed. However, you can take out to-go.
L.A. bars forced to close, restaurants go takeout-only: ‘Some of these closures might be permanent’

California State Government: Curfew Rules
Newsom Orders All Californians to Stay Home

Rep. Katie Porter: Free coronavirus testing for all Americans! https://www.newshonyaku.com/19801/

A rule was established to observe social distance (distance between people). This means that people must be 6 feet (1.6 m) apart in a town. Incidentally, when burying the dead in the U.S., the coffin is placed 6 feet off the ground. This may be a general concept of human distance.

BBC News – Social distancing may be needed for ‘most of the year’

Since the disease causes many deaths among the elderly, many markets have open hours only for the elderly, and society seemed to be united in stopping the expansion of the disease.

Bill Gates predicted this situation in 2015.
TED2015 “What if the next epidemic pandemic (outbreak) comes? We are not ready.”

Japan, unfortunately, is all but halfway there. First of all, it still does not have a lockdown. Then, they should at least take measures to protect the elderly, but for some reason they have closed only schools.
The cause of the infection is poorly determined, and the medical system is poorly equipped to deal with the problem. The only reason this has not spread is the culture of not hugging and kissing like the Italians. The fact that they don’t hug and kiss like the Italians, and the fact that they encourage the use of masks due to pollen, are coincidentally working.

In case you’re wondering, Wuhan, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo have populations of about 10 million!
Alternating between the U.S. and Japan, I am truly saddened that I was born in a country with a puerile political system.

Although there is still no cure or vaccine for this new virus, all I can say is that there are always possibilities for the future hidden in what is happening now. We must not overlook the signs.

This is a battle against bacteria that has a longer history than mankind’s wars with other people. Humanity, which has been losing this battle, may have to live in symbiosis with the bacteria this time.

On the other hand, it must be said that the new virus has, ironically, contributed greatly to the advancement of medicine, remote working, learning, and a rethinking of ethics in the way people relate to each other.

After a crisis, there is always a great innovation. Let’s do our best not to miss those signals. The “now” is the “now” and the “now” is the “now”.

Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant


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