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NHK Sendai : “NON” is featured in “# Soukaidou -Kioku no Baton-“, a project to pass down the legacy of the Great East Japan Earthquake!

NON” is featured in “#Soukai -Kioku no Baton-,” a project launched by NHK Sendai to pass down the legacy of the earthquake disaster.

As March 11, 2021 marks 10 years since the disaster, this project will continue beyond the 10 years to connect the memory of the disaster and prevent it from fading away.

# Speaking of which, “What were you doing that day?”

The project will be pitched to a wide audience outside of the affected areas, soliciting experiences and memories of that day.
We plan to expand the messages we receive to a variety of activities, mainly broadcasting, web, and SNS.
By sharing what you were doing on March 11, 2011, even if you are not from the affected areas, you can share your feelings, what you vowed to do, and so on…
We believe that reminding people of feelings they may have forgotten will help prevent the memory of the disaster from fading. A project to pass down the tradition of looking at that day once again.
Why not pass your kioku to the next generation?
Please tell us about your experience of “2011.3.11”.



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