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The movie “Stardust Town” will finally open this Friday, March 6!

Theatrical film “Stardust Town
Finally, this Friday, March 6, it’s open to the public!

■The beloved stage for 25 years has been made into a movie!
In 1994, playwright/director Ryuji Mizutani, LaSalle Ishii, and Takayasu Komiya formed the unit “Hoshikuzu no Kai” with the goal of creating “works that make you laugh and feel relieved,” and staged their first work “Hoshikuzu no Machi: Osamu Yamada and Hello Nights Story”. The “Stardust Town” series (7 plays in total), which has been loved for 25 years since then, has finally been made into a movie with “Non” as the heroine and the members of Hello Nights remaining the same!

■Revived through the ages! Famous Showa Songs♪♪
A series of Showa-era songs that everyone who listens has heard before, such as “Season of Love,” “Soemoncho Blues,” “Honki Kakara,” “Shinjuku no Onna,” “Nakanoshima Blues,” and more! The Showa period was a time when people got the energy and courage to live from songs. The famous songs that colored that era will be revived in 2025. In addition, “MISS YOU” released in 1996 as “Osamu Yamada and Hello Nights” and “Soap Bubble” as an original song are also featured.