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The Future of Public Health : Surveillance Cameras and Drones Save Lives

Everything is accelerating.

In 1965, Intel founder Gordon Moore noticed that the number of transistors in integrated circuits was doubling every 18 months. The first time I saw a new product, I was surprised. Performance doubled every 18 months while costs remained the same. This is Moore’s Law, which represents “a prediction of the future analogous to a rule of thumb.

Sixty-five years have passed since then, and the computer inside a smartphone is 1/1000th the price and a million times more powerful.

The speed of this innovation will further accelerate exponentially in 2021.

In this light, the future of public health may be the next generation of human body sensing (human detection) sensors that utilize city surveillance cameras, drones, and robots as the norm.

At the moment, only automatic temperature checks are available, such as at hotel entrances, but soon surveillance cameras will be able to measure the blood oxygen levels and physical condition of passersby, and the temperatures will also be measured. The system will be able to ゙.

Information from surveillance cameras and reception robots is matched with one’s illness history chart recorded on the evolved My Number Card, and abnormalities are reported to the individual and his/her relatives. The company will be notified. Such innovation is not a dream.