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Gorgeous members sing “There’s Tomorrow” Non, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Koizumi Kyoko, Omi Toshinori, Katagiri Hairi, Watanabe Eri, Omi Mishiri!


The gorgeous members sing “There Will Be Tomorrow!”

Nonno, Otomo Yoshihide, and Sachiko M.
Some of the guests with deep ties to the show are covering it!

Kyoko Koizumi, Toshinori Omi, Hairi Katagiri, and Eri Watanabe. And Mishiri Omi, who voiced the role of Kuroomura Kiko in “In a Corner of the World”. Each of them sang in the film.

M’s first album “Show ga Hajimaruyo!” which also includes this song. is released today.
1st album
Release date: December 24, 2020 (Thursday)
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It’s times like this that I want to do a positive song about how there’s always tomorrow! and I was able to cover it. I am thrilled to be able to sing the song again with these wonderful people full of power.
Gorgeous! We were able to record the wonderful Tomorrow There Will Be.
I find myself naturally grinning when I watch the music video. That was fun! I even remember the feeling and the pounding of my heart.
At first, I was very excited to sing with Koizumi-san and Omi-san, and the recording session started. We all had a big party with pineapple, yogurt, and corn, and later on, we had a great time with Mr. Yori and Ms. Mishimoto. When I heard the finished recording, it was so good that I played it over and over again.
Mr. Otomo wants to invite everyone! I am so happy that I started to say, “I am so happy,” and it has really come true. In times like this, I want to deliver a lot of power to a lot of people with this Tomorrow Is Here. Please listen to it, everyone!

Otomo Yoshihide
One of my favorite composers in this world is Hachidai Nakamura. And when I was a child, I loved, loved, loved singer Kyu Sakamoto so much that I even dreamed about him. It is no exaggeration to say that I grew up on the songs of Kyu and Hachioji, including “There Will Be Tomorrow. In addition, for me, who grew up with the Crazy Cats, “There Will Be Tomorrow,” written by Yukio Aoshima, who also wrote the lyrics for the Crazy Cats, is something special. I am very happy with the results. When I was making music for “Amachan,” these Showa-era songs were always in the back of my mind. I was very happy to be able to sing “There Will Be Tomorrow” with the members of the big band with whom I worked on “Amachan” at this time of the year. I think it was God’s reward for all of us to be able to record with the members of this group. I am very happy to be here. I want to share this feeling with everyone. No matter what time of the year, there is always tomorrow! I believe so.

Sachiko M.
The members will sing “There Will Be Tomorrow” together! M” is a regular feature of “Non-Tomo. A series of covers of famous songs. Mr. Otomo’s reckless idea came to fruition. It is a miracle that we were able to present “There Will Be Tomorrow” in such a way at this time. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Someday, I am sure, I will perform it on stage. With such a dream in mind, an album based on the concept of an imaginary show time will be released in the future. What will it be? Stay tuned!

Kyoko Koizumi
M” invited me to participate in the recording. Only Nontomo M. could gather this group of members! I am sure that Non-chan’s positive message will reach someone’s heart again like a bright morning light.
If Non-chan raises her hand in the future, we will always rally around her. After all, we are Three J Productions. Only those who understand can understand (laughs).

Toshinori Omi
NON contacted me and said, “I’d like to ask you for a friendship performance…if you don’t mind, would you sing for us? I said simply, “Sure,” but I was so nervous about recording it! But it was fun ministry, and I’m glad that people who heard the music seemed to enjoy it and feel a little more energetic.

●●Misojiri Ojimi
A big gathering of friends from NON-chan’s films! So I participated as a member of “In This Corner of the World”. The music video, which captures scenes from the recording, is full of smiling faces and makes everyone happy! It was a very enjoyable recording with Non-chan, Otomo-san, Sachiko-san and I having a great time chatting with them. In times like these, I want to walk around with a smile on my face and say, “There’s always tomorrow. May the circle of smiles spread!

Hairi Katagiri
When I went to a shopping mall in a neighboring town for the first time after the voluntary curfew was lifted, this song was playing. I cried.
A hit song from the year I was born. I sang it together with my old and reassuring friends. Let’s sing “There’s Tomorrow” over and over again!

Eri Watanabe
Non-chan, who cheered up everyone in Japan with Amachan, has cheered us up again with Corona Disaster.
Innocent, pure and innocent.
He’s a rare actor who fits these words.
When Non-chan tells me there is a tomorrow, I can believe it.