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Speedy Gallery Los Angeles: 2021 will feature new work by artist Tetsuya Tamanoi!

Speedy Gallery LosAngeles: 2021 (date to be determined) will feature a new work by artist Tetsuya Tamanoi.


My first encounter with Tetsuya Tamanoi was at “An Afternoon Without Dreaming” held by MoriYu Gallery in Kyoto in 2009.

↓ As a collaborative work with Hermes’ annual theme for 2009, “Beautiful Escape,” “Hermes Circus Troupe” was represented in a store display at Hermes in Ginza.

Later, he installed [Joyeux Noel] at Ginza Hermes as a Christmas artwork. It was an impressive three-dimensional work.

↓ “Imaginary World Heritage Vol,1” in 2012 was also unique.

And he plans to exhibit at Speedy Gallery Los Angeles in 2021, including new work. The content and title have not been decided yet, but just to give you a heads up.