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Hideki Kato, who runs the policy think-tank “Concept Japan,” has just published his new book, “The Smooth World and the Rough World: Recommendations for Two Systems in the World” (Speedy Books)!

Hideki Kato of “Conceptual Japan,” which hosts a non-profit independent policy think tank, has just published a new book!

Book “The Slippery World and the Rough World: Recommendations for Two World Systems” (Speedy Books)

Paperback 2,530 yen / Kindle 1,250 yen *Kindle is also available for unlimited reading.

The structure of modern society was originally created by man. If it was created, why should not everyone have to live according to its structure and rules? People who do not fit into this system must have different abilities and aptitudes. If that is the case, why not create a separate system that allows them to live in freedom? If it was created in the first place, it can be changed. This is my fantasy.

Mr. Kato’s proposal for a post-corona society is clearly explained. Please take a moment to read it.

Recommendation letter from Juichi Yamakawa, former president of Kyoto University
When the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus brought us to a standstill, what came into view was the distorted picture of globalism and science- and technology-oriented society that we have been living in.
If nothing is done, the economy will stop turning and the world and human beings will collapse in a financial crisis. The author, who has sharply criticized Japan’s policies as the leader of the “Conceptual Japan” group, proposes two systems as a prescription: a “slippery world” and a “rough and rugged world. The author proposes two systems, a “slippery world” and a “rough world,” as a prescription for a new kind of nation centered on “human beings as living creatures.