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Lecture “Are You Making the Paradigm Shift?” Organized by: Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.

At the request of Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.
This is the first real event of its kind to be held in Corona and beyond. Two hours of chatting with a limited number of guests in a perfectly ventilated, three-tiered room!
I decided to change the way I have been giving lectures since Corona, first of all by eliminating the slide lecture portion and having the participants read my book “Paradigm Shift” as the assigned reading. The questions were then asked. Based on the questions, we expressed our views one by one and had an interactive exchange. According to the clerk, everyone’s impressions after the lecture were hodgepodge, so I hope that was the case!
Several of us looked at the “professions that are gone in the past” at the beginning of the book and said, “We don’t want to be like that either. But how do we create a paradigm shift?” He felt a vague sense of uneasiness.
Although the participating companies were from a wide range of industries, many were second-generation owners or long-established companies that have been in business for many years, especially those in the manufacturing industry and component manufacturers.
I believe that the industry that will support Japan in the future will be the branded “parts industry.
Japanese manufacturing (manufacturers) as finished products is weakening, but Japanese companies as parts manufacturers are still going strong!
Apple products contain Sony image sensors and microdisplays.
There are plenty of companies with the world’s top market share, such as Nidec, TDK, Shimadzu, OMRON, and Murata. We can rebrand ourselves as a country that excels in precision and flawless manufacturing.
To achieve this, it is important to have a business strategy that takes advantage of the latest technologies, such as thorough DX and AI analysis. This is true even if it is a local parts manufacturer. No, rather, smaller companies are able to transform faster and more easily monetize their operations.
Teruyoshi Uchiyama, president of Sanjo Special Foundry, a foundry subcontractor, used crowdfunding to get through the Corona recession and ha ゙ At the very least, the world’s thinnest cast iron “UNILLOY” frying pan for consumers has been a huge hit, a proud counterattack by a parts manufacturer.
If this paradigm shift is successful, the future of Japanese manufacturing industry will be bright.
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