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Visit to Mr. Seikichi Shimoji, a businessman who runs a “turmeric salon” in Nanjo, Okinawa Prefecture (Developing a legend of a liquor baron!)

The most famous Okinawa Nanjo product known throughout Japan would be this?

The Legend of the Ryukyuan Sake Brewer “The Dragon”!
We visited the vast herb garden run by Mr. Seikichi Shimoji, the president of Okinawa Chosei Yakuso Honsha, which produces and sells these medicinal herbs!

Herbs and medicinal plants from all over the world are collected in the farm of 45,000 tsubo. Tea tree trees, eucalyptus trees, and cinnamon trees, which are rare in Okinawa, as well as echinacea, which is effective against infectious diseases such as influenza, are in bloom.

Okinawa’s climate is similar to that of India, so typical Ayurvedic (Indian word meaning wisdom of longevity) medicinal herbs and spices are also cultivated in Okinawa. The

In a corner of the park, there is a restaurant called “UKON SALON” where you can enjoy buffet-style dishes full of pesticide-free vegetables and herbs.

Medicinal herb tempura, 18 kinds of medicinal herb sake chibiti stew, curry with Okinawa imperial gold turmeric. 38 kinds of wild herbs (leaf, trunk, root, flower, and fruit) are combined in “Fukujurai A,” an absurdly easy-to-drink tea.

Soup made from black carrots, of which President Shimoji risked his life to bring back seedlings from Turkey, and other such soups… well, that’ll keep you alive for a long time!

President Shimoji, a very eccentric, but pure and nice person.